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US Intelligence Confirms US Support for ISIS


2015年8月8日    A partially-declassified DIA report brings disturbing details about US support for jihadists in Syria. What kind of game is the US government playing in the Middle East?


  Ron Paul: Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in to the Liberty Report. With me today is Daniel McAdams. It’s good to see you Daniel.


Daniel McAdams: Good to see you Dr. Paul.


Ron Paul: I want to talk a little bit today about a declassification of a report, a DIA report, Defense Intelligence Agency report that was written in 2012 and has to do with what was going on as the war was expanding in Syria and try to clarify what our policies actually were regarding this area. It turns out, it’s really pretty sad, it turns out that the evidence is here; although the suspicions had been there that our government was following a policy that seemed to be deliberately helping ISIS. Of course, the other day we recognized that the bombing that we’ve agreed to recently is to bomb the Kurds, but not ISIS.


Here back then we were picking sides and this report tells us a little bit about it and the interview was on Al Jazeera and the former director Michael Flynn. He was being interviewed and he was revealing this information. Actually, the interviewer thought this can’t be true and he wanted to give Flynn a chance to soften it, it can’t be this bad for America to be in this position. Then, when they looked at this and found out that indeed there is a lot of information, but I imagine Flynn has a lot of information and knowledge being the director of the Intelligence Agency.


Daniel McAdams: The Defense Intelligence Agency sort of serves the same purpose that the CIA does for the President. They serve that purpose for the military, for the four branches of the military. They provide both analysis and even operational forces. They are, sort of, a shadow CIA, whereas it might sound wasteful, in fact with intelligence sometimes having duplication is better because you get different perspectives. If you remember the 2007 CIA or the Intelligence Assessment of Iran was really important.


Ron Paul: Right.


Daniel McAdams: And the State Department Intelligence took out a footnote which is that they disagree, so duplication is important, but Flynn was not only the head of the DIA, he was also the head of the Joint Special Operations Command, which is an increasingly important and well used part of the military under Obama. I think in these two capacities he certainly was in a position to know and the question is why would he come forth at this time. We don’t know exactly, but we do know that there are some people from within government, we talked about people like Manning and we talked about so many others who tell us inconvenient truths and I think Mike Scheuer falls in this category, he followed Osama bin Laden for so long and he finally came out and told us why everything they were doing was wrong. Maybe this has something to do with it.


Ron Paul: This reminds me of the confusion in ’07 I guess or we are leading up to the Iraq war and the trouble that Colin Powell got into. Does he get convinced, does it get confusing and all this, but literally it’s the lying that counts and so many times we lied into wars and this looks like we are working on this. The immediate response to this by the establishment insiders who are the experts and the CIA and their credentials are questionable compared to Michael Flynn’s. They go to them and they say this is all bunch of fluff, these are conspiracy people and they are working on something. Also, a website which is pretty prevalent now, that’s The Daily Beast and they have Jacob Siegel there that writes on this and he comes down very hard on anybody releasing and talking about this information it doesn’t mean anything. I think it’s up to us to help people sort this out and find out what is true and what is not.


Daniel McAdams: I think when you have people within government who believe that the world is their chessboard and they can move the pieces around at will, so they will support ISIS here, because they think they will get this job done, just like they support the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and when things backfire, then there is no trail to lead to them. What gets me about this is that the U.S. government knew. Flynn said ‘My analysis was pushed down the pipe and nobody paid attention.’ They’ve had to have seen it, this is an important guy.


They knew what’s going on, they knew that the U.S. had been supporting ISIS, supporting the rise of ISIS for tactical reasons, obviously not for ideological reasons, but we have a situation, we have talked about this earlier, yesterday the State Department briefing, the U.S. pushes ISIS in Syria, ISIS destabilizes Syria, because the U.S. wants Assad to go, they turn the place into a disaster, but even now the State Department is boldface lying about what happened. Toner, who is a Spokesman for the State Department said yesterday that it’s all Assad’s fault he is ‘the root of all evil, because he created the conditions that the Syrian people find themselves in today.’ He said ‘The Assad regime has been,’ this is important ‘has been instrumental in creating the kind of lawless area where ISIS has been able to extend its roots.’


Ron Paul: It’s so blatant, so blatant and so hard to get people to understand this and react to it and reign in in our government. Telling the truth is difficult, the bigger the government and the bigger the Empire, the more they tell lies and truth is treason in the Empire of lies. Also, remember the statements during the Soviet Era, that they always tell the truth, because the party establishes the truth. Truth is relative and in a way this is the case. Presidents are the noble lie and a lot of them tell lies, because it’s in the interest of the people and that’s a different story and the neocons accept that principle.


This has a lot to do with ethics and morality and the Constitution as well as the rotten details that we read and they do this almost with a clear conscience. I just wonder exactly where McCain was when he was over there helping us, the American citizens, to go over there, he was the expert, he travelled in and out of there and he was going to help direct the assistance. I think the odds are pretty darn great that he would have had access to this information and knew darn well exactly who he was recommending we’d get the support.

Daniel McAdams: He even pointed out some of the unsavory people he met while he was there, but of course he blustered and blundered and said how outrageous people to question who I was there meeting.

Ron Paul: I think this report is very important. I’m impressed with the fact that we got to see it and I don’t think we have a full understanding of exactly how sometimes things get out. I think you made a point it’s not complete, it’s been redacted, it got out under the Freedom of Information Act, which is are supposed to give it to us. The fact that things are supposed to be released under the Freedom of Information Act, that doesn’t mean anything. They don’t want to have it.

Anyway, I think we are fortunate, they’ve tried to put disclaimers on this, so nobody would pay attention, but hopefully people will pay attention to this, not only the politicians but ultimately the people of this country have to say this is not a good policy and yes, all these details it’s going to be hard to work out and that’s why the word that the Founders use ‘entanglements’, we should avoid. This is an entanglement and there’s too many factions and none of this is done in interest of United States national security.

Daniel McAdams: Frankly, after you and many others were proven right in opposing the Iraq war, saying it was based on lies, I didn’t think they would try to get away with it again in such a boldfaced way. The media, once again, is lining up behind these stories, they are not questioning anything and we are in high gear toward war with Syria. As a matter of fact, on Friday the UN Security Council is debating a resolution that the U.S.’s tabled that under the guise of looking into who used chemical weapons in Syria. I believe it was a Trojan horse as a vehicle, because right now it be illegal to attack Syria, although we are doing, but a full invasion would be maybe over the top, if they can have some sort of a fig leaf to a UN Security Council resolution, which I think they will get, that I think that is the open door.

Ron Paul: The big obstacle, of course, is the propaganda of government, the propaganda of the media, the propaganda of our newspapers, what is left to them, so they hear the other side. Now, what we have is the Internet, of course, but they still have tremendous influence on propagating this type of information and people, sort of, eyes glass over this.

Of course, that is one of the important reasons why we have the Ron Paul Liberty Report is trying to get this information out and this is where we hope to be able to explain what is happening and that you are invited to study and reflect on and accept the notion of non-intervention, because once you concede intervention, then there’s all kinds of interventions. Big ones, little ones, all over the place and then intervention in the economy. They argue how to intervene and who gets the money. In foreign policy it’s the same way and they give and take and Democrats aren’t exactly like Republicans, Neocons influence both, military industrial complex influence both parties, but the information that you get can only come from a site like ours and actually the Ron Paul Liberty Report now has its own site. Ronpaullibertyreport.com

Feel free to go there to keep up on this information and, of course, always continue to follow up on the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity that Daniel McAdams is the Executive Director of.

I think you can get the truth from there and you can spread the truth, because if you need the ammunition of the fallacy of our foreign policy and right now it’s a ridiculous foreign policy when it comes to Iraq and ISIS and Syria and it’s time for us to wake up.

I want to thank everybody for tuning in today and come back soon.

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